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The Latest in Wellness

In Praise of Man-Repellent Fashion

If you’ve ever starved yourself into a little black dress, worn a bikini that rode up your ass, or slipped on the ice in heels because you just couldn’t be seen in something sensible (and potentially man-repellent), read this now.

How to Create Healthy Eating Habits for Your Kid

Like most challenging feats of child-rearing, raising kids with a healthy relationship to food starts at home. While that may sound like yet another thing on your plate, what it really means is modeling good behavior — which can end up benefitting you, too.

A Guide to Special Diets: Plant-Based, Vegan et al

Unless you’ve been trapped under a large houseplant, you know that plant-based diets are everywhere. Trouble is, plant-based can be interpreted in so many ways. Find yourself pulling out your hair when you’re getting friends together and one’s vegetarian (but not THAT type of vegetarian), another’s pescatarian, and one’s, gulp, reducetarian? Read on.