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Is Natural Deodorant Really Better for You?

In the beauty industry, dramatic statements sell. That’s all well and good when they're about 24-hour-wear lipstick, but when the claims center around product safety, things can get scary fast. Case in point: The notion that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. How true is it? The Plum investigates.

Can CBD Really Do It All?

If it can’t be cured by CBD, was it even an issue to begin with? We look into why the compound is turning up in everything from dog treats to lube oil.

Boost Your Metabolism

Our metabolisms slow as we get older. Not creaking-to-a-halt slow, but enough that you’ll notice a difference in your tailored pants. Here's how to mitigate the effects.

How to Handle Your Liquor After 40

Enjoying a cocktail (or three) is fun, but getting bombed can be painful, especially as you age. Here’s how to make sure your night out doesn’t turn into a nightmare.