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How to Handle Your Liquor After 40

Enjoying a cocktail (or three) is fun, but getting bombed can be painful, especially as you age. Here’s how to make sure your night out doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Where Did My Near Vision Go?

That moment when you realize you can’t focus on a menu, your emails, or pretty much anything on your phone. It's called presbyopia, and it happens to everyone (yes, everyone) around the age of 40. Here's why there's no shame in the readers game.

Nouvelle Vadge

Just like other parts of our body, our vaginas may change drastically as we get older (is nothing sacred?). Here's what to do about the dryness, recurring yeast infections and irregular flow issues that can come with aging.

Kick the Perfect Habit

Part of being a “modern woman” is accepting that you can’t have an immaculate home, well-behaved kids, the corner office and defined abs. And yet many of us still struggle with perfectionist thinking and crucify ourselves when we fall short. As a result, we’re distracted from our goals and less able to appreciate our big, messy, wonderful lives for the joys they do bring us. Here are some common “perfect traps” along with expert advice on how to bust free from them.