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7 Intense No-Equipment, At-Home Video Workouts

Stuck at home? So is the whole world (hopefully). If the lack of activity is making you feel awful, check out these easy-to-stream workouts that require nothing more than a mat — and if you don’t have one, a towel or the carpet will do.

Tone Your Jiggly Bits

Say it: age-related sarcopenia. It's fancy for muscle loss, and it causes you to look flabby no matter how fit you are. Here's how to reverse the curse.

Your FUPA, Demystified!

If there’s a part of the body that suffers from a name-calling problem, it’s the area covered by your underwear, right where some of us non-millennials still have hair. Many of us have lovingly taken to calling it FUPA (pronounced foopuh)—a.k.a. Fat Upper Pubic Area, though some use a different P-word in that acronym. In any case, here's the low down on your down low.

This Bod Was Made For Walkin'

We promise we won't tell you to take the stairs instead of the elevator (although what's stopping you?). Here are some other crafty ways to infuse more walking into your day.