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A Guide to Special Diets: Plant-Based, Vegan et al

Unless you’ve been trapped under a large houseplant, you know that plant-based diets are everywhere. Trouble is, plant-based can be interpreted in so many ways. Find yourself pulling out your hair when you’re getting friends together and one’s vegetarian (but not THAT type of vegetarian), another’s pescatarian, and one’s, gulp, reducetarian? Read on.

Your FUPA, Demystified!

If there’s a part of the body that suffers from a name-calling problem, it’s the area covered by your underwear, right where some of us non-millennials still have hair. Many of us have lovingly taken to calling it FUPA (pronounced foopuh)—a.k.a. Fat Upper Pubic Area, though some use a different P-word in that acronym. In any case, here's the low down on your down low.