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Panic Attack vs. Heart Attack: Is Anxiety Lethal?

Although 4 in 5 women who suffer from heart attacks are over 40, you shouldn’t assume you’re having one just because you're experiencing some of the symptoms. The good news is, you may just be having a panic attack! PS: Here’s the part where we tell you to consult a professional regardless, seriously.

Get the Eff to Sleep!

Just as your day is winding down, your mind starts winding up. You want to shift into relax mode, but your brain is racing, fretting over matters both mundane and major. Why, oh why??

Keep Stress From Getting to You Now

Chronic stress, the kind so many of us wrestle with day in and day out, can cause serious health consequences. With that in mind — and with all the extra stress we're all facing these days — we asked experts to craft strategies to help with the five biggest health casualties of stress: your weight, heart, gut, immune system, and mind.

Kick the Perfect Habit

Part of being a “modern woman” is accepting that you can’t have an immaculate home, well-behaved kids, the corner office and defined abs. And yet many of us still struggle with perfectionist thinking and crucify ourselves when we fall short. As a result, we’re distracted from our goals and less able to appreciate our big, messy, wonderful lives for the joys they do bring us. Here are some common “perfect traps” along with expert advice on how to bust free from them.