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The Latest in Wellness

Boost Your Metabolism

Our metabolisms slow as we get older. Not creaking-to-a-halt slow, but enough that you’ll notice a difference in your tailored pants. Here's how to mitigate the effects.

Your FUPA, Demystified!

If there’s a part of the body that suffers from a name-calling problem, it’s the area covered by your underwear, right where some of us non-millennials still have hair. Many of us have lovingly taken to calling it FUPA (pronounced foopuh)—a.k.a. Fat Upper Pubic Area, though some use a different P-word in that acronym. In any case, here's the low down on your down low.

How to Handle Your Liquor After 40

Enjoying a cocktail (or three) is fun, but getting bombed can be painful, especially as you age. Here’s how to make sure your night out doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Where Did My Near Vision Go?

That moment when you realize you can’t focus on a menu, your emails, or pretty much anything on your phone. It's called presbyopia, and it happens to everyone (yes, everyone) around the age of 40. Here's why there's no shame in the readers game.