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The Latest in Relationships

Mismatched Libidos?

What happens when one person just isn't that into it anymore? We consulted a sex therapist for potentially relationship-saving strategies.


How do you keep parenting your sort-of adult while helping foster growth? We asked Bettina Bohle-Frankel, MD, a psychiatrist who has counseled students at Northwestern University for 22 years.

Rediscover That First Date Energy

Wake up. Deal with the kids. Work. Check on the parents. Somehow figure out something for dinner. Wait, where is the cat? Did someone feed the cat? Melt into the couch beside your partner with John Oliver on TV, as the two of you take turns farting and checking your phones. How did you get here?? New York-based psychotherapist Lesley Alderman, LMSW, and sex and relationship therapist Sandi Kaufman, LCSW, know how! And they can help you fix it.

Holy Hell, My Kid's at the Wheel

Jennifer Ryan is an expert in teen driver safety — and the mother of a newly minted driver. She shares her advice on what to teach your child and how to keep yourself sane in the process.