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The 5 Love Languages Quiz: What It Means For You

The middle stage of marriage (the part after the initial high and before long-term contentment) is no joke. Shit gets real, and couples start crumbling. But by understanding how you and your partner like to give and receive love, you can weather the bumps. Here’s how to do it, according to one groundbreaking book.

Birdnesting: The pros and cons

Trying to lessen the shock of divorce for the kids? One way is to keep the kid/s in the family home — with the parents going back and forth to a small place nearby when it’s their time to be solo. It’s called birdnesting (nesting, for short), and it’s growing in popularity. But it takes a pretty specific couple to pull it off.

Do You Need a Sleep Divorce?

Sleep doesn’t come easily for many. One in three American adults isn’t getting the sleep they need (defined as seven to nine hours a night), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Numerous factors may be driving these sleep woes, but one that stands out if you’re in a romantic relationship? Your partner. Rest easy. We've got help.

Can a Mediator Make Divorce Less Painful?

As a great woman once said, "No divorce is simple. Even if there are no kids involved, you'll find yourself quibbling over an ugly wine rack from Pier One when push comes to shove." That woman eventually found peace with her now ex through a marital mediator. Here's why you may, too.

Mismatched Libidos?

What happens when one person just isn't that into it anymore? We consulted a sex therapist for potentially relationship-saving strategies.

Rediscover That First Date Energy

Wake up. Deal with the kids. Work. Check on the parents. Somehow figure out something for dinner. Wait, where is the cat? Did someone feed the cat? Melt into the couch beside your partner with John Oliver on TV, as the two of you take turns farting and checking your phones. How did you get here?? New York-based psychotherapist Lesley Alderman, LMSW, and sex and relationship therapist Sandi Kaufman, LCSW, know how! And they can help you fix it.