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The Virtues of Living in a Small Space

It’s a tale as old as caves (probably): If only I had some more space! When writer Elizabeth Passarella relocated from the south, where she was raised, to less spacious digs in Manhattan and began raising a family, the questions from home were as numerous as the taxis in her new city. Although she didn’t really need to defend her life choices to her friends and family, she did. The result, as hilariously chronicled in her new book Good Apple: Tales of a Southern Evangelical in New York, will speak to you if you’ve ever coveted an extra bedroom. The truth is, space can be overrated.

How to Create Healthy Eating Habits for Your Kid

Like most challenging feats of child-rearing, raising kids with a healthy relationship to food starts at home. While that may sound like yet another thing on your plate, what it really means is modeling good behavior — which can end up benefitting you, too.

6 Tips For Filling Out the Common App

August 1st was a big day for rising high school seniors and their parents: The latest version of the Common App went up online, marking the start of college application season. Class of 2024, here we come!


How do you keep parenting your sort-of adult while helping foster growth? We asked Bettina Bohle-Frankel, MD, a psychiatrist who has counseled students at Northwestern University for 22 years.