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The Latest in Relationships

The 4 Types of Friends You Need in Life

It shouldn't take scientific studies to prove that friends matter (though they have been shown to boost health, happiness, and even longevity). Here are the specific types you'll want with you in the trenches ... or at the bar, nail salon, movies, or gym, as the case may be.

6 Tips For Filling Out the Common App

August 1st was a big day for rising high school seniors and their parents: The latest version of the Common App went up online, marking the start of college application season. Class of 2024, here we come!

Can a Mediator Make Divorce Less Painful?

As a great woman once said, "No divorce is simple. Even if there are no kids involved, you'll find yourself quibbling over an ugly wine rack from Pier One when push comes to shove." That woman eventually found peace with her now ex through a marital mediator. Here's why you may, too.