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How to Help a Friend Who Loses a Parent

Though it is one of the only guarantees in life, death still confounds even the most evolved among us. Take the guesswork out of what to say to a friend who has lost a parent with this truly heartfelt advice.

How to Prepare for Your Next Doctor's Appointment

You read those scary headlines about the person who went in to replace their right knee and came out with a new left knee. Often, that's from simple lack of communication. Avoid medical mishaps and more with this patient-advocacy checklist.

I Hate You on Social but Not IRL

Tired of screaming into the internet abyss with rage, jealousy, or some combination thereof? It’s time to set some healthy social media boundaries so you can find a (somewhat) happy place for yourself online.

How to Get Over a Work Grudge

Got a present workplace rival or foe from long ago you just can't get over? Don't let it consume you, you're too good for that. Here's how to bounce back.