Get Over Your Bathing Suit Hangup

Among the first to acknowledge that many of us are not the same size on top as we are on the bottom, Malia Mills holds a special place in our hearts for introducing separates all those years ago. As we head toward Memorial Day and the start of swimsuit season, we asked Mills how to get over body hangups once and for all. Her answers are...pure poetry.

By Didi Gluck
back of suit


What are some tricks you use (in addition to designing the best suits EVER) to help women reframe the way they talk about themselves when they come into your boutiques?

There is really no other way to reframe the way we talk about ourselves than to warmly remind gals that shit talk is totally pointless. We are worthy of celebration, just the way we are. Forget not that the next generation is listening—it's imperative to use our powerful voice to move forward, to not be stuck in the black hole of self-deprecation. To put a fine point on it: We have a limited number of summers, let's get out there, let's get it and let's get it good.

Which of your swimsuit styles makes you feel sexiest?

I love wearing our nambassa maillot (shown above). It's demure coming and runs deep going.

What are some other issues you think we, as women, could improve on?

Be bold decision makers! We had a gal come into one of our stores. She said I'd like to return this swimsuit. Our store gal recognized her from the inspiring fit session they had had together a few days earlier and said, no problem. The woman continued, my husband didn't like it. Our gal, without missing a beat, smiled warmly and said, I didn't realize he was going to wear it...? 

There is nothing more invigorating than wearing something, just for you, just for the way it makes YOU feel. I remember shopping with my boyfriend when we first started dating 19 years ago. I came out of a dressing room in a crazy ass baggy jumpsuit. He asked, what is THAT...?  I said, it's fucking awesome and I LOVE it and I'm going to wear it right out of the store. Total liberation. Total independence. Total joy. We still laugh about that day. He still dislikes the jumpsuit. I still wear the jumpsuit. Be a bold decision maker. Own it!

You've just got to change your ass attitude. 

If that didn't make you feel better, read this poem by Mills...'s called #bitchingaboutthesizeofyourassissolastcentury

I had a gal bring her pal into our Southampton store—it is amazing when friends share MM with friends.

Her gal pal was reticent—many are—to strip down and try some swimsuits. But strip down she did.

A beauty this gal—some curves here, less curves there. Our cinch bottom—I saw that it was too much coverage...she said it was too little!

No, no less is more. Show off those curves! Really, you are our brand ambassador. I won't let you leave without something that doesn't look and feel rad, say I.

The limbo—our 60s low-cut bottom meant to show off hips—was stunning! She wasn't seeing it. Kept grabbing her bum, wishing it wasn't so round/big/wide/this and that.

Wow. So much beauty, but she just couldn't see beyond her curvy derriere.

Finally, I say you. are. fabulous. And it doesn't matter if you choose our suits or a suit somewhere else but you have got to change your ass attitude. It is clouding your whole is a major road block. To be honest, it is really f@#$&*ing with your chi. You are wasting too much of your precious time wishing your ass was different when what you need to do is embrace the curvy deliciousness that is your ass, put on a suit and get to the beach.

No amount of me jumping around and celebrating your beauty is going to make you see your ass differently. You've just got to change your ass attitude. 

And one bikini clad Vegas selfie later, change her ass attitude she did. We have way better things to bitch about. Equality. Respect. Choice. Voting the first woman to the top spot in the white house. So bitch about the size of your ass no more. Live your rockumentary. Take it to eleven. Today is the day.

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