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The Latest in Fashion

Sustainable Brands We Love

We subscribe to the "every little bit counts" school of thought. To that end, here are five brands that are doing their part to offset the negative environmental impact of your fast-fashion fetish.

Caftan Marvel

We consider caftans to be in the same family as nice lingerie: Essential and worth the splurge in terms of return on investment. Stock up on these fabulously flow-y finds you'll live in all summer.

Pretty Shoes You Won't be Sorry You're Wearing

At The Plum, we are as committed to style as we are to freedom from pain. As we run back and forth to work, drop-off, the dog run, a dinner, whatever (and more), these are the shoes we feel will keep us chic without causing blisters and ire.

Get Over Your Bathing Suit Hangup

Among the first to acknowledge that many of us are not the same size on top as we are on the bottom, Malia Mills holds a special place in our hearts for introducing separates all those years ago. As we head toward Memorial Day and the start of swimsuit season, we asked Mills how to get over body hangups once and for all. Her answers are...pure poetry.