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What Aging Well Means to Me

Ricki Lake, 53 (and a half)

Being a long-time fan takes on new meaning when a celebrity has been around for more than a minute. Ricki had us at Hairspray. But then she grew with us, opened our minds to new ideas, and even grieved with us. And here we are! Upon the opening of her new documentary "The Business of Birth Control," she gave us the good, the better and the beautiful about getting older.

Carrie Gross, 62

Sure, she owns a skincare company and is married to a renowned dermatologist, but Carrie Gross is no poster child for cosmetic procedures (not that anyone is judging). Instead, she favors an inside-out approach to aging that is making her not just more beautiful, but happier.

Jennifer Norman, 50

Living proof that beauty comes as much from within as from what you put on your skin, beauty entrepreneur Jennifer Norman gives us her recipe for growing older gorgeously — and with grace.

Anne Marie Kortright Martinez, 38 Going On 40

I met Anne Marie when I was a baby magazine editor (ok, in my early 30s) and she was a baby model (of about 20), back in the early oughts on a photo shoot for Marie Claire. A lot has changed since then, but not Anne Marie's entrepreneurial spirit, zest for life — or looks. See how she continues to defy aging and just gets better year after year.

Ada Polla, 42

As the CEO of a skincare company, Ada has advantages when it comes to aging that us mere mortals don’t. But in addition to access to great products, she also has a really open attitude about life — which we swear is the key to staying young in general.