Tia Williams, 43

We all make choices when it comes to how we age — How much cosmetic intervention will we go for? Do diet and exercise factor in? Is introspective work like meditation, therapy and religion a must? At The Plum, we choose to report on those choices rather than judge them. Here's what aging well means to Tia Williams.

By Genevieve Monsma
tia portrait


Tia, in her own words

“I’m a lot of stuff. But before anything, I’m a mama: My daughter, Lina, is ten going on thirty-five. I’m a novelist (check out The Perfect Find); I’ve published four novels, and I’m finishing up my fifth. I’m a former beauty editor and now copy director at Bumble and bumble. I’m also a girlfriend, a cheese-less pizza junkie, a blush obsessive, a Virginia native, a Stephen King fangirl and a Brooklyn transplant.”

Why she feels conflicted about aging

“Aging is weird. In my head, I still feel like I’m twenty-five — but with more impulse control. It’s a shock to me that my roots are grey and that I’ve lost elasticity in my thighs. Like, whose body is this? At the same time, I feel proud to be forty-three. I’ve lived a lot of life and I have stories to tell. And whenever I find myself wishing I was younger, I remind myself that Millennials and Gen Z didn’t have the privilege of experiencing NBC’s Thursday night lineup in the mid-80s. Also, Prince, Trapper Keepers and Shrinky-Dinks.” 

Who she thinks is aging well

“So there’s the old saying, ‘black don’t crack,’ and it’s arguably true. I need look no farther than Angela Basset, Thandie Newton, Halle Berry, Regina King, Gabrielle Union, and Andrea Williams (my mom). All of these women are radiantly youthful without looking like they’re chasing youth. I think that’s the answer: Looking gorgeous for your age, not gorgeous for an eleventh-grader.”

Her 3 anti-aging secrets

“DNA, tons of moisturizer and satin pillowcases.”

What’s getting better with age


What’s not

“My butt is melting.”

How she maintains complexion perfection

On keeping her hair in good shape

“My hair is very, very curly and very, very temperamental. When I wear it curly, on day one, I wash, then spritz all over with Bumble and bumble Curl Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer and apply Bumble and bumble Curl Defining Creme in sections, and diffuse. On days two, three, four and five, I just refresh the curls with the Primer. When it’s straight, it’s because I got a professional blowout! I’m hopeless at blow-drying my own hair.”

Her twice-a-week workout

“For the past decade, I’ve taken pole fitness classes at S Factor in Chelsea [Manhattan] twice a week. I’m a devotee.”

How her beauty regimen has changed

“I’m definitely more conscious of skincare than when I was younger. In my twenties, I barely even washed my face, and it didn’t matter, it was always clear and glowing. Ahh, youth. In my forties, sunscreen has become super-important, as have serums. It’s all about preventative skincare measures. And I drink a ton of water.”

Why she gets more done now

“I always assumed that I’d slow down, the older I got. Nope. I work all day, go home, do mommy stuff, put my daughter to bed, and then write fiction till midnight. I think I have more energy than I had twenty years ago. I think the key is staying interested. In anything. If I’m feeling down, I read an Old Hollywood biography and I’m instantly delighted. I think if you find something to be interested in, you’ll never lose your spark.”

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