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Sweet Relief for Spider Veins

More than 50% of women have visible spider veins. The good news is that there are some very effective professional solutions to help make them less visible.

Are You Beyond What Botox Can Fix?

Many dermatologists advocate for early action because it keeps fine lines from becoming deep creases, which are harder (and, frankly, pricier) to treat. We investigate what the sweet spot really is when it comes to efficacy.

Fast Fixes for Crepey Skin

Eventually, a daily body lotion is no match for age-related changes like crepey chest skin, sagging knees or wobbly inner arm bits.

Help For a Jowly Jawline

Beginning in our mid-twenties, our body’s production of collagen, the spongey substance that keeps skin plump and firm, begins to decline at a rate of about one percent per year. That means, by age fifty, we have about twenty-five percent less collagen than we did in our twenties and, most likely, a softening jawline to show for it. Here's how to ditch the droop.