Maryjane Fahey, 67

Maryjane Fahey doesn't care if you call her ma'am. She still considers herself a rocker. Read on to hear why she thinks the years in the middle can be the toughest on our self-esteem, and what she's doing to champion age positivity.

By SunHee Grinnell


Maryjane in her own words

“I would say that I’m a woman who is a survivor and is committed to being happy in her life. I grew up in a matriarchy—hence my affinity to women and, in particular, older women. I created a social platform called Glorious Broads (@gloriousbroads) to celebrate them.”

The best thing about being a woman of a certain age

“That would be the freedom that comes with getting older. All of the things that you hung onto when you were young, 'what do people think of this, is this man as infatuated with me as I am with him?'; the older you get, the more you don’t give a f***.”

Why ageism does her head in

“I get a kick out of someone calling me ma’am or giving me their seat on the subway. I think, oh really, because I think I’m still a rocker! But I get angry about ageist assumptions. For example, I read that a young woman on a radio show called Yoko Ono an ‘eighty-year-old know-nothing’ because Yoko wrote another one of her alternative pieces about aging and loving yourself. I have a problem with that kind of dismissiveness. We all age, honey, you’re going to be here someday.”

Never been Botoxed or filled, and sticking to it! At least for now...

“I mean, who doesn’t love Helen Mirren, right? She simply owns her 74 years. And I love Patti Smith’s spirit. We all admire the older women, but it’s those middle years that you still have to love yourself through…you know, when you start to see your face fall a bit. I really admire people who keep their head up and say, ‘so, this is me.’ Look at the actress Jennifer Lewis! She’s simply spectacular.”

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It's all about stretching and meditation

“I’ve exercised my whole life. But I find it’s more about stretching as I get older, and not as much about beating myself up at the gym. I also meditate every morning at 6:30 a.m. Basically, I do all of the things that I had read about and said I wanted to do someday.”

Her style statement

“I do not walk out of my house without lipstick on. Plus, a pair of good shades. If I walk out of the house looking like shit, honestly, I feel like shit. And I think that’s okay because that’s self-love, you know? I usually have a great pair of panties on, too.”

The biggest surprise that came with aging

“The biggest surprise is that I’ve never felt more sexual than I do right now. I never expected that. I also think that I am more attentive to what I need. It’s now a source of inner power and confidence. When I was young, the source of my confidence was my beauty. I may not be as beautiful naked anymore, but I feel I’m more powerful in a different way.”

Why she thinks middle-aged women are underrepresented in media

“Fading looks are not as dramatic as the looks of the very old, or, of course, very young. But I have hope. Even in Hollywood, things are changing…slowly. But we must continue to fight.”  

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