Marlien and Coliena Rentmeester, Twins, Age 48

They are identical twins born six minutes apart. Marlien is a fashion aficionado and founder of the style blog, Le Catch. Her younger sib, Coliena, is a celebrated fashion, portrait, travel, and lifestyle photographer. In addition to being bonded by birth and a tremendous sense of style, the half-Dutch, half-Indonesian sisters are connected by a healthy attitude toward aging, taking it in stride with a sense of adventure — and gratitude.

By SunHee Grinnell
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Marlien in her own words

Besides being a twin, I’m also a mother and an unrepentant shopaholic. I love my girlfriends. I love being in nature with my children. I'm an explorer and adventurer, and I’m always trying. As in, I’m always making an effort.  

Coliena in her own words

I am curious, inspired, strong at times, creative, disciplined, stubborn, warm, loving, content but never complacent. I may have become less tolerant with age, but I’ve also become more forgiving and thankful. 

How they feel about birthdays

MR: Lately I keep saying I don’t want to celebrate my birthday anymore, but then it comes around, and what can you do? Here we go again!

CR: I feel like age is irrelevant, it is just a number at this point. I try not to focus too much on the number, but rather on how I feel. I mean, it would be nice to turn 37 over and over and over, but I am grateful to have the opportunity to age. 

Aging well to me would be continuing to take care of yourself, and not taking anything for granted.

Coliena Rentmeester

Mirror imaging

MR: Coco and I look at each other close-up all the time, and we look at each other's necks, and then we're, like, ‘ooh, do I look like that?’ 

 CR: I love being a twin, but it’s not the easiest existence because I’m always being compared to her, if I’m not doing it myself. It’s inevitable. I mean, there have been times where I've caught my reflection in the mirror and literally turned around and been like, ‘wait, when did you get here?’

Their beauty routines

MR: I use Beautycounter and Dr.Barbara Sturm skincare products. 

CR: I like to use clean products. We both really like Beautycounter, did my sister tell you that? They have this new line called Countertime, which is supposed to help decrease fine lines. It feels good that I’m doing something, you know? 

Focusing on fitness

MR: My sister and I were very active growing up because we had built-in playmates. We could always play tennis, ping-pong, tag — and it carried over into our adulthood. We both thrive, or just feel better, when we're exercising and sweating. 

CR: I exercise for about an hour every morning before work. I go running, or I spin, because there is something cathartic about moving my body. 

Aging well is about embracing your age and not fighting it, but rather optimizing it by taking good care of yourself.

Marlien Rentmeester

The next decade's challenges

MR: Trying to be nicer to myself. I think about those times in my twenties when I hated my body, and how much energy and anguish I spent wanting to be skinner. Now, I have a lot more gratitude for my body despite the wrinkles and injuries it has collected. So, I would hope that I could continue to be kinder to myself, while also continuing to take care of myself. 

CR: I am challenging myself by starting a business with Marlien! @Ouiwant is our Instagram feed. It’s curated through our filter on life and shoppable. It's an excellent opportunity for us to spend more time together and really galvanize our twin-ship. It’s fun, engaging and could even be successful, who knows?  

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