Anne Marie Kortright Martinez, 38 Going On 40

I met Anne Marie when I was a baby magazine editor (ok, in my early 30s) and she was a baby model (of about 20), back in the early oughts on a photo shoot for Marie Claire. A lot has changed since then, but not Anne Marie's entrepreneurial spirit, zest for life — or looks. See how she continues to defy aging and just gets better year after year.

By Didi Gluck


Let's get down to business. Have you ever lied about your age?

Yes, but not because I wanted to. Agents have told me to lie. I've never cared about the number because I truly believe your age is how you feel. I don’t feel like I look almost 40, so I’m fine with it. But, by the way, I've worked at it. 

What is your attitude toward aging?

If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you I didn’t give a shit about it. The only reason I’ve become more aware of it lately is that the number 40 has a stigma attached to it, which influences my way to earn money. But I don't care about being almost 40 at all. In fact, I'm skipping 39 and going straight to 40. I think I look better than a 35-year-old! 

Who do you think has aged well?

Leticia Herrera (@leticiaherrera0212). She is the most gorgeous woman — half Mexican, half Puerto Rican. I met her shooting with Bruce Webber years ago. She has aged beautifully. She’s the only woman I let my husband stare at when she walks into a room. She's around 50.

From the outside, you look like you just keep getting better with age. What feels better about being older to you?

I am getting better emotionally. At accepting life as it is, and understanding people for who they are, without judgment. I know that we’ve all made mistakes. My relationship with my mom has always been good, but right now it's amazing because we're at the same level: Now we're just two women having the same conversation.  

What's getting worse with age?

Not getting to eat whatever I want anymore. It’s not just my metabolism changing, I think a lot of it is due to stress and hormones. I've had to reevaluate how I feed myself and exercise. I'm not planning to give anything up, I just want to be better balanced.  

So let's get into your upkeep! What's your skincare regimen?

My first skincare routine started when I was in middle school: Clean and Clear. Then, I became a model, and I was exposed to facials, treatments and creams. Then, I got through that stage and started breaking out. So I did Proactive, and then Accutane. I did it all! But then I found dermatologist Dr. Martin  Zaiac. He took me off the prescription, and you know what he taught me? You don’t need facials. I haven’t had a facial in ten years. No one needs extractions! It’s one of those things we get brainwashed into thinking we need.

But there's one part of my skincare regimen that's been constant: I use a clear sunblock with SPF 50 by Revision Skincare daily. It's the only one that doesn't break me out, and I can mix it with my with my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick  (in shade Honey #5) and turn it into a tinted moisturizer. 

Would you ever try lasers or injectables?

I am afraid of needles, so I'll never do injectables. But I do radio-frequency treatments with Ivan Pol — his method is called the Beauty Sandwich. It hurts a little, but it's okay. It’s like a facelift without the facelift. 

How do you care for your hair?

I was blessed with really good hair until about three or four years ago when I started to lose a ton of it. Have you heard of Joyce Giraud? She was a Miss Universe runner up, and she's known for her insanely great hair. She created these supplements that actually work. They stopped my hair from falling out! I’ve been using her whole line  religiously for a year now.

I colored my hair for the first time last year, on set, shooting Lululemon because they pulled my hair back really tight and you could see my grays.

What's your wellness and fitness routine?

There have been a few different stages of my wellness routine. The first was when I was planning to get pregnant. (Anne Marie's daughter is now 12). I read Raising Baby Green. I couldn't sleep after  that. The book explains, scientifically, how everything we do impacts our health during pregnancy, from the makeup we apply to using dryer sheets. Everything in my hospital bag was organic. Now, I'm a bit more balanced: I try to be as natural as possible with what I put on my face and in my body, but I need to do what's right for me, ultimately.

As for exercise, I do pilates and work out with my trainer Kevan Watson.  He showed me how to do TRX in my garage. 


I haven’t had a facial in ten years. No one needs extractions! It’s one of those things we get brainwashed into thinking we need.

How did your podcast come to be?

As you get older, all this stuff starts to happen. I've had a lot of friends with breast cancer. I got paranoid, so I went to see this doctor/nutritionist named Jaime Schehr-Robinson. She told me, "not everything is the big and the bad." Isn't that great? She also gave me a stool test, which exposed a lot about my overall health! I love learning about health and knowing what's out there, and what's different.  So, Dr. Jaime and I started a podcast called Beauty from the Inside Out where I bring her my wacky health ideas, and she explains why they do or don't work — scientifically. 

I know you've always been entrepreneurial. What are you working on other than modeling and mothering these days?

I'm working with a company called o3waterworks, which makes a refillable, chemical-free sanitizing spray with water and ozone in it. And, more than 15 years ago, my husband and I started what's known in my business as a "mother agency," where we function as a go-between between models and their agents. What a manager does for an actor, we do for models. 

If you had to sum yourself up in a word, what would it be?


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