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I Hate You on Social but Not IRL

Tired of screaming into the internet abyss with rage, jealousy, or some combination thereof? It’s time to set some healthy social media boundaries so you can find a (somewhat) happy place for yourself online.

Shel Pink, 49

We all make choices when it comes to how we age: How much cosmetic intervention will we go for? Do diet and exercise factor in? Is introspective work like meditation, therapy, and religion a must? At The Plum, we choose to report on those choices rather than judge them. Here's what aging well means to Shel Pink.

Panic Attack vs. Heart Attack: Is Anxiety Lethal?

Although 4 in 5 women who suffer from heart attacks are over 40, you shouldn’t assume you’re having one just because you're experiencing some of the symptoms. The good news is, you may just be having a panic attack! PS: Here’s the part where we tell you to consult a professional regardless, seriously.

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